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New York to Lizard Point, UK Atlantic crossing by 6,5 meter Mini sailboat "Witold" to honor and inform of Poles of all faiths saving lives of Poles of Jewish faith during German-Nazi occupation of Second World War.

Furth, Hans G. (1999). "One million Polish rescuers of hunted Jews?".
Journal of Genocide Research. 1 (2): 227–232.

Thousands of helping acts were done on impulse, on the spur of the moment, lasting no longer than a few seconds to a few hours: such as a quick warning from mortal danger, giving some food or water, showing the way, sheltering from cold or exhaustion for a few hours. None of these acts can be recorded in full detail, with persons and names counted; yet without them the survival of thousands of Jews would not have been possible.[228] If these people are anywhere typical of non-Jews under the Nazis, the percentage of 20 percent [rescuers] represents a huge number of many millions. [230]


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