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Thanks to

Sebastian Kocik - for making this webpage and map of the Righteous

Tomasz Siwinski - for making, based on my idea, animation for the project

Marcin Galazyn - for making, based on my idea - sound clip for the animation

Jacek Bilinski - for recording my Szma Yisroel, so to speak singing, for the clip

Piotr Plenikowski - for making carbon radar and antenna pole

Michal Siwiec, Piotr Siwiec and the crew of Phoenix Scaffolding for putting up a safety bridge around the boat so children can safely and comfortably write the names of the Righteous

Radek Kowalczyk - for continuous advice regarding Mini Class boats and assistance in preparation

Iwona Wiszniewska, Zbigniew Gutkowski, Alexiei Vasiliev, Rick Peters, Zbigniew Kapron, Marek Kurek, Jerzy Jaroszuk, Marcin Kulak, Bastian Poix, Mateusz Galecki, Artur Lojewski - for all very much appreciated assistance in preparation

UK Sailmakers New York, Kevin and Peter - for getting my sails ready for the trip

Marcin Wrona (TVN), Paweł Zielinski (TVP), Paweł Burdzy, Wojciech Szulinski and numerous other friends for spreading the idea of honoring the Righteous and Witolds with this project in media and between friends

Prof. Piotr Skotnicki, MD and Scanmed/Saint Raphael Hospital for preparding first aid kit for the journey

Dariusz Sikorski - Musto Poland - for providing top quality foul weather gear for the entire journey

Commodore of Yacht Club of Poland Janusz Marek Taber - for involvement in preparation on behalf of Yacht Club of Poland

Moonbeam Gateway Marina, Brooklyn, NY - Steven, Daniel, Sergey, Lynford - for allowing me to use marina resources without limitation in this project

Rev. Marian Drozd for the blessing and prayer

Polish Sailing Association - for all help in registering WITOLD

The Museum of Poles Saving Jews of Ulma Family in Markowa, staff and Director Anna Stroz - for historical consultation regarding the Righteous

Vice-Marshall of the Podkarpackie Region Bogdan Romaniuk for all support to honor the Righteous

The President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda and Undersecretary of State Wojciech Kolarski - for involvement in the project, kindness and recognition of the Righteous by the President's gift of Polish National Flag for the vessel

But foremost - to all Children and Parents who came on June 23rd and 24th and wrote the names of the Righteous Poles of different faiths saving Poles of Jewish faith on the hull of WITOLD

... and to all those I by my faulty memory, not on purpuse, omitted here but without whom this project would not be possible.

Bartosz Bilinski, skipper, S/V Witold, POL20000

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